Durable High Performance Lightweight

Our Heritage

Born in Rafting Country

Odyssey has been headquartered in Helena, MT, since 1994 and enjoys close proximity to some of America’s best rivers for fly fishing, expedition, recreational floating, and whitewater opportunities. 

Proven Design & Commitment

We have designed some of the best performing, most durable, and lightest weight PVC boats in the industry.

We are committed to providing exceptional value and will always do the right thing to support our dealers and customers.

Odyssey Models and Specifications

All Odyssey Rafts come with a 6-year warranty.


You can expect durability, dependability, and high quality in every Odyssey Raft.

Durable Fabric

All Odyssey boats are made with world-class German Mehler VALMEX® BOAT fabric and Leafield valves.

Thermo-Welded Seams

All seams are thermo-welded resulting in seams stronger than the material itself.

Quality Assurance

We provide a 6-year manufacturer warranty.  Warranty claims are extremely rare, but if something does go wrong we will take care of you!

All models feature additional layers of fabric protection in high-contact areas to help guard against normal punishment and sharp surprises.

Odyssey Raft Retailers



Alaska Raft & Kayak
401 West Tudor Rd.
Anchorage, AK 99503



111 South 24th St. W, Suite 4
Billings, MT 59102


Round House Ski and Sports Center
1422 West Main St.
Bozeman, MT 59701


Three Bears Alaska
45 Three Bears Rd.
Butte, MT 59701

Great Falls

Montana River Outfitters
923 10th Avenue North
Great Falls, MT 59401


Capital Sports
1092 Helena Ave.
Henena, MT 59601


Sportsman & Ski Haus
145 Hutton Rand Rd.
Kalispell, MT 59901


Mantucky Frames
104 Laguna St.
Milltown, MT 59851



1810 W. Main St.
Medford, OR 97501

Caring For Your Raft

You can easily achieve decades of successful ownership simply by taking proper care of your investment. 

Need a repair?  Use PVC patch material with HH-66 or Stabond (or similar) adhesive. 

Download our Odyssey Owner’s Guide for our tips to extend the life of your raft.  If you have any other questions or need assistance, please contact us today.  

Get the Odyssey Owner's Guide

Starting in 2021 Odyssey Rafts is offering a 6 year warranty against manufacturer defects to the original owner.  We do offer limited warranty transfer options during the first 3 years, please reach out to us for details.  Misuse or neglect will void your warranty, and repair/replacement is at the discretion of Odyssey and our authorized dealer.  

We sure do!  Tell us what size and color(s) you want and chances are we can make it for you or your business!

If your valve is leaking around the outside simply tighten it with a leafield C7 valve wrench.  If it is leaking from the inside you may need to take the valve apart and clean it with soapy water.  Let everything dry out and reassemble.  If it’s still leaking give us a call, we will troubleshoot with you and if needed we will provide you up with a new valve.

This will require a patch.  Your Odyssey raft includes spare patches.  You will need a few tools and proper glue to complete the repair.  If you aren’t comfortable performing the repair give us a call, and we will help find a repair facility near you!  If you want to try the repair yourself you will need proper glue, a roller tool, and one of your spare Odyssey patches.  Instructions may vary slightly depending on the glue you use.  Make sure you use a PVC glue like HH-66 or Stabond.  Contact us with questions and Youtube is always a great resource as well.

We are always looking to open up new markets with quality dealers.  We partner with organizations who properly staff, educate, and support their local inflatable rafting communities.  We would love to hear from you if you are interested in Odyssey!

Great question!  Give us a call, we love talking about frames.  It depends on how you use your boat, how many passengers, what you want to haul, and what size your boat is.  Give us a call, we help keep things simple and relevant.

2 psi in all chambers.  Odyssey floors have a built-in pressure release valve to prevent over inflation.  We highly recommend you use a quality air pressure gauge to monitor your pressure.  However, if you press on the chambers with your finger, there should be some give.  If there is no give, you need to let some air out.  Always remember to air your chambers up evenly.  The same goes for deflating your chambers.  Do not release all the air from just one chamber.  Release air evenly from each chamber a little bit at a time so you mitigate the risk of damaging the internal bafel(s). 

We are developing a formal program for registered guides and outfitters.  Please email or call us if this is of interest to you.  

First you need to find the leak!  Air the chamber up and spray lots of soapy water all over the valve.  Look for bubbles and listen for the sound of air escaping.  If the valve isn’t leaking spray the rest of the chamber with lots of soapy water and look for bubbles or listen for air escaping.  Sometimes tiny holes are hard to find!  Contact us for help anytime if you get stuck.

Contact Us

Have a question? Need help choosing the proper frame? Get in touch with us here, and we will be happy to assist you.

Warranty Registration

Odyssey Rafts provides a 6-year manufacturer warranty.  Be sure to register your new raft today!